Learning English is one of the musts of the day. IQ Plus Language Academy teaches you English in a fast way by meeting all requirements of trainees in English thanks to a qualified and joyful educational method.

IQ Plus Magazine Kasım 2018


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  • The classes had see view so it was nice. My teacher is a very good person and very good teacher. Course location in the middle of İzmir. There was no any activies in my program. Housing was very good. I'm very satisfied for program.

    Kaan Karapınar
  • Classroom is very nice and comfortable. Teachers are quality, helpful and experience. Your location is easy to access but if you have a car, it is a problem that parking. Your facilities and classroom are very clean. Generally, there's nothing I don't like.

    Erdal Sevgiloğlu
  • Our teachers were very good. A school with a very good teaching staff. They have very successful teachers. The lectures were instructive and instructive, visually speaking, as listening. The location of the school is the center of Izmir. The transportation is very comfortable. The classes have a great view. Izmir Gulf looks from all classes. A school with a warm family atmosphere I will go to school again when I have time.

    Müveddet Berkin Uzunoğlu
  • Hello! My name is Belçin Bel. I am twenty-three years ol. I guess IQ plus got 7 months of training. Teachers' Burcu and Richard. Both of them were very interested in me. I'm in college now and I'm studying English. The location is very easy for transport and the course place has got incredible landscape.

    Belçin Bel