Being good at speaking English does not mean being active in this topic, since “Business English” is a skill including different terms and varying according to the field. A more professional, formal and diplomatic conversation is required. Moreover, it is of great importance to use the domain-specific terms in the right place at the right time; this is a part of the image presented to the customers and partner companies. Thus, our Business English programme not only includes topics of business correspondences, office English, international trade, business presentation but also handles the terminology in detail. In these courses you can improve your skills in such areas:

  • Convincing and effective English speaking technics at phone calls, 

  • Customer relationships, presentation and negotiation technics in English

  • Listening and take notes of speeches in English, 

  • Formal correspondences in English,

  • Essay summarizing, report writing, fax and e-mail correspondences in English,

  • Bargain and marketing skills, 

  • Technics for communications at business meals, meetings, contracts, etc.

  • Communication with management and staff and technics of conference following and giving,

  • Conference terminology and problem solving skills in case studies,

  • Smooth and easy communication skills with customers or partners from different countries at international meetings,

  • Understanding business and economics journals and magazines, 

  • Successful presentation skills at conferences and seminars and teaching new technics  

  • CV, Biography, and cover letter writing in English for management candidates 

  • Understanding business facilities and applying strategies in different cultures.

During the period of 120 class hours and thanks to the course book series of Oxford Business English and Oxford English for Careers prepared by Oxford University Press special for various business sectors, you shall be dominant in your sector in English as well.

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