In this case you may consider one to one education. For the details of one to one education you may see the related page. Or, you may take a private group education by creating a mini group from people available and demanding the same training dates and hours with you.

Actually they are, but to a certain extent. There are rules determining the allowed food&beverages. For these rules you may refer to the information and regulations mentioned under the FAQ “Do you have disciplinary rules?” or our counsellors for simpler answers.:)

Of course we have. It is essential for all individuals in the institute to approach each other in a respectful way. As all are affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, our offices operate according to the DISCIPLINARY REGULATIONS published by the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Private Education Institutions.

An error in evaluation is not possible when Oxford Placement Test is used to determine your level -of course, providing that you do not pretend or try to guess for the answers that you do not know. Under these conditions, Oxford Placement Test shall reveal the accurate level of you.

You are faced with a rich variety of question types in Oxford Placement Test. The questions are formed according to your answer for the previous question. This system works online and close to an external interference. The test evaluates your language skills in terms of grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and use of language.

No, unfortunately. We offer cancelling your enrolment in case of a demand to suspend or recess your education.

You can refer to our counsellors or coordinator in case of your demand/need for changing class.

All of our students may receive support free of charge from the teachers or counsellors in our branch offices whenever needed, even their education is finalized. Moreover, after a certain time, they may take the advantage of former student discounts.

In all of our branch offices, you can attend the available courses at present as a guest student before the enrolment. Our consultants will lead you to the appropriate (in terms of availability in class size) class.

Your materials are given on the first course day for all groups and programmes. This rule is valid for all of our branch offices and not extendable.

Examples of our technologically supported fields are as such; presentations in the class (powerpoint, audiol and visual materials of the course books, sound systems for listening activities, e-mail systems for writing activities, and computer lab for placement test). It is better to visit our branch office and see on site :) Or you may visit our photo gallery and see the images.

We are one of the rare institutions that do not leave the teacher quality to luck. All of the instructors are expertized and experienced in their field and having the required diploma and certificates. Despite all, in case of any non-conformance between you and the teacher, our educational counsellors will help you change the teacher.

The answer to this question depends on your course programme choice. For instance; the age differences are of little in Kids, Teen, Mini Group and, of course, one to one training. In mini group educations, you define the age groups even. However, in the non-esoteric (appealing to one group of people) programmes, minimum age will be 18, so anyone over age 18 may be in your class.

Oxford Placement Test is the most reliable placement test in the world and will reveal your real level of English. We can define your accurate level through written and oral tests so that you start your training from the exact level required. Because your classmates will have experienced the same steps, there will be no differences of level among students.

Our classes are for 10 students at most. None of our classes are more than this size.

After your enrolment to our office, you can start your courses in a month at most. Even if you are the only trainee enrolled, some of our courses’ starting and finishing dates are fixed, e.g. YDS preparation program. You are informed about these dates during the enrolment process.

We open classes at each stage and each educational programme of us. However, in some periods we may have to wait you for a month at most.

If one of our branch office is settled in the location you want, the educational consultant in our office would smooth the way for you to continue your education after such a demand of you.

The eligibility of our materials from Oxford University Press is their integrity with our education system. We have a free hand on the sources of New Headway 4th Edition Series which are enough flexible to be adapted thanks to the modular structure provided for every stage. Audio sources are recorded in professional recording studios at Oxford University. New Headway 4th Edition series are the mostly used and sold English course books in the world. This record has not been broken by any other publication yet.

We consider some criteria while choosing our foreign teachers.

  1. First of all the foreign teacher applicant of us is evaluated through her/his diploma/certificates. We give priority to the applicants who are citizens of the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Southern Africa.

  2. Then, the applicants having the previous criteria are considered in terms of their TELF/TESOL/INTESOL/DELTA/CELTA/TOEFL/IELTS certificate availability. If the candidate does not have such a certificate her/his application shall be regarded negative.

IQ Plus Language Academy is completely compatible with European Language Portfolio General English System.

NONE of the foreign language courses in the world can provide an internationally valid certificate. Therefore, our level certificates cannot have international validity.

Our service-friendly educational counsellors and teachers are waiting to answer your educational questions whether you are enrolled to the courses or not.

The priority of IQ Plus Language Academy shall always be the quality of your education. We offer realistic commitments to you in IQ Plus Language Academy. For instance, in order to fulfil A1 level in one month, you should take 8 classes every day, which is not logical at all. Thus, you are not able to pass a level in just one month period. It is not possible for you to pass two levels during a summer holiday. We are not an institution marketing unrealistic dreams.

It is ensured that your instructors in IQ Plus Language Academy shall be experienced and respectable teachers meeting you after several educational stages, because every English user is not an English teacher. For example, you are not confronted with a graduate of Business Administration department as an English instructor. On the other side, we have created a comfortable learning atmosphere with our technologically supported classrooms where you can enjoy learning at ease. Thanks to our 15 minutes breaks after 45 minutes classes, you shall not feel exhausted at the end of the day.