Enjoy learning in our maximum 8-person, comfortable, technology supported, and full equipped classes!


Our Education system designed for you is …
more productive,
more permanent…

Enjoy learning in our maximum 8-person, comfortable, technology supported, and full equipped classes!


Placement test of our students are performed via the most reliable methods of testing. Our students take the personal placement test provided by Oxford English Testing in our computerized classroom 1 . The questions in your test are formed exactly according to your answers. The questions get harder after correct answers and easier after wrong answers. This system operates online and is closed to the extrinsic intervention.


Our English classes are organized according to the priorities of the students and professionals. Our classes are scheduled for both weekdays and weekends. You can choose the most appropriate session for you among the morning, afternoon and evening classes. Our classes last for 45 minutes periods and 15 minutes breaks.


Each level is of 12 units and each unit composes 8 classes including 6 classes of Core Lesson  and  2 classes of Everyday English.


Core Lessons are instructed by our expertized, experienced, and licenced Turkish teachers so that any questions of you can be answered without confusion. On the other side, Everyday English classes are led by expertized, experiences, and licensed Native English Speaker teachers of our institute3. In this classes you have the chance to practice the things that you have learned and use the daily English correctly.


Once you adapt the comprehensive English training system of Oxford University Press, you will witness the step-by-step improvement of your competence in English.

You are given 3 tasks at the end of each unit. The first task is the Unit Test as homework. The aim of this test is to make your vocabulary and grammar learnings permanent. Second task is the additional duties sent online by your teacher. You are led to Oxford Learn® web-site through the e-mailed link for the duties including listening, speaking, writing, grammar and vocabulary exercises. You can complete these practices wherever you want with your own computer, tablet, or smart phone. The third task is a writing practice given to reinforce each subject learned in each unit and includes common daily life activities. (e-mail, CV, application form, request/complaint form, etc.)


Your training deficiencies are defined and compensated via face-to-face educations by applying Stop & Check tests at the end of each 4 unit sets.

2 times during the course, you take the Progress Test which evaluates reading, writing, listening, speaking skills and grammar & vocabulary knowledge. These tests generate a great part of our promote system8


The trainees attending the 90% part of the course (86 classes), fulfilling all the tasks yet getting a mark below 70%  have the right to repeat the previous level free of charge.

Progress Test 2 is applied in our institution during the week after the end of the classes.








Is English a must in your sector? Do you want to represent your company abroad? Or, as an employer, do you want to ensure the English usage of your employees representing you?

If you are interested in evaluating English knowledge of your employees or candidates during the employment, promotion, or assignment; let us take this process on to leave you with your real business.

We can apply the most reliable proficiency system in the world for your employees or candidates and provide a report for you. Thus, you feel the inner peace during your assignments or employments.

Oxford Placement Test can be applied either in our computerised classes by us or under your observation on your computers via the test e-mailed you1.

Oxford Placement Test is applied without foreign intervention via Oxford’s own online system. The test evaluates more than the grammar and vocabulary knowledge. It is composed of three parts including Oxford Online Placement Test, Use of English and Listening and each part is graded separately. The questions are formed according to the answers of the candidate and not predetermined.

Please fil the contact form for more detailed information.

1- Our institution is not accountable for the technical problems in the network connection or any malfunction during the exams applied in places other than our computerised classroom.